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Many men have problems with potency, and if before it began after 40-45 years, it is much earlier. This is supported not only bad environmental conditions, and unhealthy lifestyle, constant stress. Regardless of the age of the man he wants to bring a woman pleasure, and without normal erection is impossible.

The main active ingredient tadalafil it serves. Product medication – tablets are intended for oral use.
Effects of tadalafil leads to the fact that there is relaxation of smooth muscles of the penis. As a result, blood vessels dilate, the corpus cavernosum filled with blood, causing an erection in men.

The advantage of this drug is that it is mainly the effect of tadalafil is directed only to the muscles of the penis, it almost does not affect other organs of men. Tadalafil is effective within 20 minutes after taking the pill Cialis and its effect lasts 1.5 days. In Stock sperm tadalafil no influence.

As is evident from review doctors and patients about the drug Cialis Professional 20 mg, its main advantage is that it operates for 36 hours. In clinical studies of the product involved men of all ages, about 80% of them noted its positive effect. It was observed that the drug not only helps to improve potency but virtually no side effects. Enough to make the tool 1 tablet and you will feel the result of at least a day.
Prolonged exposure to the drug allows men to take a pill there before the sexual act, but long before that. Effects of basic substance tadalafil, which is part of the product can improve blood flow to the penis.

If you do not know how to take the pill Cialis Professional, we must carefully examine user reviews and the men who take it. You can not use this tool with heart drugs containing nitrates if was allergic to certain medications, then take Cialis 5 mg tablets should be carefully and under medical supervision.

If men do not have serious kidney disease, liver and heart, no deformation penis, then taking pills Cialis 20mg is possible without a doctor’s prescription, but better before taking medication, consult your doctor, as you may not know about all their disease. Doctors do not recommend taking Cialis with drugs that have a similar effect.

You can not take tadalafil if you are under 18 years old. You can take the tablets regardless of the meal and no later than 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Women taking pills Cialis 5mg prohibited.

If the patient has erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to identify its root cause, it must undergo a full inspection, then you can decide on treatment.

If men have a problem with the cardiovascular system, the increased sexual activity, which promotes the drug can affect your health.

If an erection after taking the said vehicle lasts more than 4 hours, you should seek medical attention. If priapism is not treated, it can damage the muscles of the penis, which often causes irreversible potency.

Since tadalafil causes vasodilation, it may cause a transient decrease in blood pressure.

The recommended maximum dose of 20 mg tadalafil daily, taking more impossible.

If the patient often has sex, then it is enough 5 mg – 10 mg once daily should take daily. Reception can be carried out regardless of the meal, but at the same time. Depending on the sensitivity of men Cialis dose (20mg – 5 mg) can be reduced by half.

The maximum daily dose of 20 milligrams Sialeksa If the patient has sex infrequently, then it will not be enough Cialis 5 mg, and should take 20 mg shortly before sexual intercourse.

In appointing the specified instrument sensitivity should focus on men and how often he has sex, depending on take Cialis 5 mg daily or 20 mg of the drug before each sexual act.

Serious side effects of tadalafil reception is. They can be expressed by the appearance of headaches and impaired digestion, redness of the cheeks and runny nose. Overdose lead to the emergence of side effects.

In some cases, as a side effect and can be broken tsvetooschuschenye veil on the eyes, but it quickly passes. If a man described side effects are expressed clearly and do not go alone, you have to consult a doctor.

If the patient has renal impairment, it is more than 2 times a week to make this tool is not recommended. Caution should it take and those with diagnosed severe hepatic insufficiency, because the effect of the drug in these patients has not been investigated.

Speaking of compatibility Cialis Professional and alcohol, they found that tadalafil and alcohol do not affect the mutual concentration in a man.

Dizziness when mixed with Cialis alkohol use of large doses of alcohol, concomitant use of tadalafil is not visible decrease in blood pressure, but in some patients reported dizziness. Receiving a small amount of alcohol and tadalafil does not cause lowering pressure and dizziness occur as often as easy when taking alcohol.

Speaking about the impact on the management vehicle while dizziness as a side effect occur infrequently, you still need to be careful. This applies not only to drive vehicles, but studies in other activities related to the need for special attention spans and increased reaction rate.

Reviews of the drug:

Patients indicate that tablets tadalafil – Cialis Professional has softer. If you are affected, the effect of this means there will be manifest, as it happens, for example, when taking Viagra – Cialis .

Men not only to indicate that Professional Cialis increases the potency, but also enhances sexual desire and penis excited even a light touch to it. Reviews of men on these drugs too much, and almost all are only positive. This indicates that tablets tadalafil really effectively help restore erection in men.

If we sum up all the reviews, it is clear that Cialis works smoothly, almost no side effects and works for a long time. With these parameters the tool is rapidly gaining popularity. The undeniable advantage is that Cialis Professional pills not only improve potency, but also increase libido after receiving want to have sex again and again.

Although Cialis Professional 20 mg good reviews and it has almost no side effects, better decisions independently of its application did not take. Only consultation with your doctor will help determine the correct dose of Cialis and the possibility of its application.

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