Don’t Allow Yourself to Become a Target

All of this talk about financial privacy may have you wondering at this point what all of the fuss is about. After all, you are an honest person. You haven’t broken any laws or stepped on any toes and therefore don’t have anything to worry about. Even if someone did go to the trouble of putting together this intricate picture of you and your finances, you have nothing to worry about. Right? The sad truth is that such a false sense of security has led to the demise of many an individual. Modern day predators consider anyone to be fair game, but to make matters worse those who have achieved a degree of success or notoriety are often singled out for target practice. Western societies are becoming increasingly violent at an alarming rate. Violent crime is often seen as an easy way for someone to get their hands on your goodies. If the fact that you have recently acquired an antique lamp or a state of the art home entertainment system is known far and wide, expect an uninvited visitor. Furthermore, the modem day thief is becoming increasingly sophisticated. He need only spend a few short minutes at the console of his computer to select who to single out as his next victim. There it is for all who care to see, a detailed analysis of your financial comings and goings. Such information may well work as an open invitation for any number of unsavory characters.
Unfortunately, this thief prowling the streets is really only the tip of the iceberg of problems faced today by those of substance. It is the thieves in government who pose the far greater threat. As governments around the planet rapidly approach bankruptcy yet continue to expand their annual budgets to astronomical proportions, they will be left with only one option: milk the populace.

Who are going to be the first victims. Those who are thought to have the largest amounts of available cash, again it will be the wealthy and successful who are hit hardest. If you already feel that the amount of your income that Big Brother considers to be his fair share is somewhat less than reasonable, I have bad news for you. History shows that overall taxes only move in one direction, meaning things are only going to get worse.
Big business also considers you to be fair game. Who better to hit with the hard sell for whatever new and improved product they would like to flaunt, but the wealthy and successful. Not to mention the fact that every con man on the planet systematically targets those of substance. Why settle for a few paltry hundred when they can convince the wealthy to part with thousands, if not millions? Increasingly the schemes on offer carry a layer of respectability. They often succeed in trapping even the most astute of businessmen. It is only through enacting a system of financial privacy that you can avoid being fooled by such schemes. Otherwise, expect to take the fall one of these days.
Finally, if you stand out as a wealthy individual, you will automatically become a target for lawsuits. In our increasingly litigious societies, many modern day crooks earn their living legitimately through the eyes of the law and with the grace of the courts. Such lawsuits come in all shapes and sizes: divorce suits, professional negligence suits, medical malpractice suits, damage suits and just plain nuisance suits. There are currently over one million such lawsuits working their way through the courts in the US alone. They are fuelled by in excess of one million lawyers all interested in keeping the machine in working order. After all, if the number of such suits falls off dramatically many of them will be forced to find other employment. They may even be forced to do something useful and productive for a change. All of the above hassles can be easily avoided by adopting and implementing basic financial privacy techniques. The theory is simple. The nail that sticks out is the first to get hammered down according to an ancient Chinese proverb. Quite right. Accordingly, the central tenet of an approach to financial privacy is to not stand out from the crowd but to adopt an air of genteel poverty. If you appear to be nothing other than an ordinary Joe going through another day’s work to get through yet another ordinary day, you will dramatically reduce your chances of being singled out for persecution.