Go International

The benefits of achieving a degree of financial privacy go much further than simply allowing you to keep your assets firmly within your own possession. You will realize, once you start taking steps towards discreet banking practices, that there is a world of opportunity out there, opportunities that would never have presented themselves had you not ventured out.
For example, banking privacy is often accomplished by changing your perspective, and accordingly your investments, from a national to a global scale. When you start searching out international banking opportunities, you will quickly discover that you no longer need be at the mercy of one government. By investing outside of your home country, you gain access to markets that were previously unavailable. In fact, the most profitable investments are invariably located offshore, where they are allowed to prosper free from meddling government interference.
In addition, such offshore banking centers are often far safer than their onshore equivalents. In the US, the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (FDIC) provides nothing more than a false sense of security. The fact of the matter is that they have less than one cent on deposit for every dollar that they supposedly insure. In contrast, offshore banks in established banking centers are often more profitable and better capitalized than US banks. If they were not stable and sufficiently capitalized they would have a hard time attracting customers. Unlike their US equivalents, they cannot fall back on the false security of the FDIC, meaning that bankers from these jurisdictions are forced to work harder to keep their banks profitable.
Your government would rather you remain blissfully unaware of such information. Local bureaucrats would rather that your money stay locked up tight within national borders so that they can easily get their hands on it. Some governments even institute policies whereby such international monetary funds are prohibited from advertising and seeking out new customers within their jurisdictions. Instead, you have to seek them out. It seems unjust to me that your government goes out of its way to insure that you are not informed about the best and most profitable options. After all, didn’t you elect the people in charge of your government in the first place? Ask yourself, is it really your best interests that they have at heart?

Governments the world over like to keep your funds and assets within easy reach so that they can grab them when the desire strikes. They constantly tinker with their tax law keeping everyone confused and on guard. Even worse, retroactive changes in tax laws arc becoming ever more popular. What these basically mean is that Big Brother sets up the rules wait:, for you to fall into submissive compliance and then changes the rules once у mi have Decisions made based on the tax law of today have absolutely no bearing on whether ov nm you will actually be able to keep your money a few years down the line. Of course, your lawyer need not get upset about this constant tinkering with the tax law. Each new change in the tax structure ensures him a new and steady stream of revenue. It seems that in the end your only viable option is to tuck your money away privately where no one can find it. You will then at least have a fighting chance. In order for Big Brother to change his mind and take more of your money, he’ll have to find it first.