The Offshore Nestegg

By establishing a small nestegg offshore, you are in effect providing for any possible eventuality. If your local currency plummets, you need not take comfort in the political rhetoric that such a move will be good for exports. Such speeches from the politicians may sound nice, and for a change they may even be true, but why not protect yourself from such political manipulations by storing your money in a safe and stable currency offshore? Then as the politicians play, you can sit back secure with the idea that at least part of your fortune is free from such senseless interference.
In addition, by planting some of your money offshore in a jurisdiction more attuned to the desires of investors, you can watch it grow free from government extractions. In order for Big Brother to take any of the proceeds that he feels belongs to him, he will first have to find your stash and then somehow construct a detailed picture of what your money has been up to. If your system of financial privacy is constructed properly, such a task will prove to be all but impossible. There are countless banking centers on the planet that provide access to world markets while offering an unknown commodity in much of the western world, bank secrecy. Best of all, these jurisdictions do not have the audacity to think that part of your money rightfully belongs to them and do not attempt to steal any of it in the form of taxes.
Finally, by establishing an offshore nestegg you have created a safety net for yourself. We never know when disaster may strike. It may take the form of some sort of national catastrophe or unexpected turn in the economy or it could be something more personal, such as a forced bankruptcy or messy divorce. Whatever form it takes, when the bottom drops out of your life at home, your secret stash will still be waiting for you. If even the worst of all possible situations develops, you can take comfort in the fact that you have an escape hatch. In the meantime, such funds placed discreetly offshore can be used to fund vacations abroad. They can even be used as a source of revenue for “entertainment” expenses that you would rather keep private. However, I realize that some people need advice in building global nesteggs and keeping track of their investments. In such cases, Jon Golding is the man to contact. His company, Sterling Westminster, has been providing a complete, absolutely legal (and very discreet) service to overseas investors since 1978 through the Global Nestegg Account.