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Completing the Picture

Finally, consider the information that can be amassed about you from your phone records. One need not even listen in, although such a possibility should never be ruled out, to receive an abundance of information on you and your daily activities. Who do you call and how long do you talk for? Do you have any friends or associates overseas or out of state? All such information has been neatly compiled by your local phone company and is there for the asking, or the taking.

Not to mention the fact that your phone number is a direct link to you. Have you ever heard of a reverse phone number directory? With just the few digits of your home phone number, anyone can uncover a wealth of information, ranging from your current address to the amount of your outstanding mortgage. Perhaps you should think a bit more carefully the next time a casual acquaintance asks for your home phone number.
Similarly, you may want to think more carefully about what you throw away. Once your garbage is on the street it’s public property, meaning that anyone who wants to sift through it can compile an intricate picture of your daily lifestyle, everything from your favorite ice cream to the type and sort of credit cards that you carry. If you are serious about your quest for financial privacy, think very seriously about what you throw out and who might be able to intercept it.