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Your Banking Profile

Few people seem to realize that many of their everyday activities help others invade their financial privacy on a systematic basis. If your require proof, just review the last few monthly statements you received for your checking account. Almost anything one would care to find about you is inscribed in those hallowed pages. Have you made any recent contributions to a religious or political organization? Perhaps one that is slightly controversial? Your cancelled check is now a permanent record broadcasting your belief system to any who care to listen.

When was the last time you paid your rent or mortgage? Not only does your checking account tell all and sundry how much this payment cost you, meaning they can form a rough picture of your overall net worth, but it also forms a direct path to your front door for any who may care to pay you an unwanted visit.
Have you visited the doctor lately? Perhaps you suffer from high blood pressure or have a weak heart? Well, the amount and pattern of your payments again paints a picture that is clear as day for even the most incompetent of private investigators, a picture of information that really need only concern you and your doctor.

Consider what else your checking account may reveal about you. There it is in black and white, almost anything anyone may care to know about you: the type of insurance you carry, your upcoming travel plans, your favorite restaurants and shops, not to mention the names of your friends and business associates. Furthermore, any holes that may exist in this source can be quickly plugged when combined with your credit card records. With this combined information, one can easily form an overall picture of your character and personality. Almost any information needed is recorded routinely and permanently on bits of paper and silicon chips in offices around the world, locations over which you have absolutely no control.